Classroom Culture

Student life at Spero School is fulfilling, uplifting, and inspiring. Self-motivated students discover the power of hard work and leadership development is fostered through the opportunities offered by a multi-age classroom. Kindness is a mantra we not only speak of but embody.

What and Why

. The educational philosophy of Spero School combines aspects of a Montessori-managed classroom and a dynamic curriculum with philosophy, engineering, music, and ecology. The result is an exciting learning environment where the students take ownership of their education.


We believe in Peace: Peace Education, Peace on Earth, and Peace Within. Not only is peace possible, it is alive and well. Life lessons extend beyond advancing executive functioning skills, we are raising the leaders of tomorrow and these citizens will lead with love.

Join Us

The decision about where to send your student to school should not be taken lightly. Please contact Spero School to discuss where your student is in his or her education and to learn more about what we have to offer. We are excited to answer questions about our amazing program.