Mission Statement
The mission of Spero School is to provide Monterey County and surrounding areas with the highest level of academic, social, and life-skills training through formal classroom work and project-based learning. Gifts and talents of students are celebrated through Montessori methods of classroom management and original materials that are designed for the 21st century and are specialized for engineering and mathematics concepts, marine science, music training, and athletics.

Curriculum Highlights
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Underwater Robotics
  • Music Theory
  • Music Performance
  • Early and Advanced Algebra
  • Foreign Language
  • Physical Education
  • State Prescribed Curriculum

High School Prep
Challenging and rewarding curriculum is presented in preparation for much more than the next year of school; our aim is much higher than grade-level standards. Having the consistency of the same teacher and a flowing curriculum for several years allows for extended learning and mastery of the skills needed to be successful at any high school. Students enter high school ready for success after executing the Spero School curriculum.

Classroom Management
Maria Montessori wrote the book(s) on classroom management. Her methods of setting and following through with expectations have great potential. And while Mr. Kozun has his formal teacher training in the method, Spero School is not a Montessori school, we subscribe to an independent and original curriculum on top of the standard state curriculum. How is the class managed? We employ ideas of being organized and treat our executive functioning skills as the first and foremost skills to learn. Once routines have been established, focus can be dedicated to mastering new and exciting curriculum.

Students appreciate and are empowered by their abilities and they excel when granted full focus on their work.